NTA Rep Council

I admire the teachers who choose to become site reps! These teachers often wear many hats. Some are also Members-at-large of the Exec Board. Some have also been State Council Reps. In any case, alongside teaching, they also work to help their colleagues navigate the unfriendly aspects of the job, providing assistance in getting an attorney if necessary (happens way more often than it should!) and filing grievances. They hold short informative meetings. They go to conferences and encourage colleagues to go too. They walk precinct’s and phone bank. They speak up on behalf of colleagues at rep council and board meetings, when others are afraid to. They work together to keep the local union chapter alive. I appreciate them!

Why I’m running…

I have lived in Natomas since 2000 and taught in our neighborhood schools for 12 years. Now I am retired. As an executive board member of the teachers’ union l learned how important it is that our district administration be willing to engage families and teachers for student success. As a member of the Budget Advisory Committee, I learned firsthand how Natomas’ resources are allocated, and how important transparency is for our community.

Things need improving in NUSD, but we can’t improve our schools if parents and teachers don’t have a seat at any table where decisions are made. As your school board member, I will bring people together, not pull them apart – teachers, students, parents, administrators and the school board. We need a school board that respects teachers and parents, and works with them in partnership to make decisions about our schools. I know that we need cooperation, not conflict, to meet the challenges ahead.

My priorities are to: 

  • Reduce class size
  • Retain our teachers
  • Create alternative Career pathways

Please Join my campaign!running